About Us

Founded in 2009, Hamilton Drilling Corporation is a seasoned drilling company that provides a full spectrum of geotechnical and environmental drilling, monitoring well/piezometer installation and installation of specialty geotechnical instrumentation. HDC performs drilling for site investigations and specialty geotechnical studies at the feasibility-level planning, monitoring and construction stages. Personnel consists of experienced drillers with certifications tailored for any project.

Contractor License No. 938693 (C-57)

Our Experience

Public Works: water, sewer, stormwater and other utilities, street pavement and drainage improvements, community facilities, parks and recreation, city, municipal building facilities;

Solid Waste Facilities: landfills, dumps, material recovery/recycling plants, transfer stations;

Water and Wastewater: treatment plants, sewer pipelines, tunnels, pump stations, pipelines, water-storage tanks;

Fuel- and Renewable Energy: oil refineries, gas terminals, solar plants, electric power transmission line towers, substations, pipelines, crude-oil storage tanks;

Industrial, Communications and Aerospace Facilities: industrial buildings and equipment, antennas, monopoles, radar towers, research laboratory buildings;

Medical and School Campus: medical office buildings; school expansion projects;

Commercial and Residential Building Construction: medium-rise buildings, office towers, parking structures, garages, gas stations, churches, senior centers, shopping malls, mini- and super-markets, single-family, condominium, apartment units, parks, golf courses, clubhouses, equestrian centers, vacation resorts, wetlands, historical building improvements,

Property Distress, Forensic and Seismic Retrofit: distressed building studies, forensic engineering projects.

Our Mission

“Providing dependable exploratory drilling services, through our unique experience, expertise and dedication, and partnering with clients to deliver successful projects with complex field logistics and technical requirements.”

The Hamilton Drilling Team
Est. 2009