Hamilton Drilling Corp currently owns and operates two (2) truck-mounted drill rigs and one (1) limited access rig. Whenever necessary HDC will partner with selected specialty firms in pursuit of projects with a uniquely complex field logistics and/or necessitating a large and rapid deployment of resources to meet either stablished deadlines and objectives, or cutting-edge technology requirements.


Our drill rig is mounted on a F-550 4×4 truck allowing this rig access to site that larger truck mounted drill rigs just cannot fit. This rig is equipped with a separate engine for the drill giving it more power.

Work Height: 22.4 ft          Length: 23 ft

Drive Height: 9.2 ft             Width: 8 ft



One of only 6 CME 45D made. Our drill rig is mounted on a F-550 4×4 truck and runs off the truck engine instead of a separate rear engine allowing us access to site where auxiliary engines are not allowed.

Work Height: 22.5 ft           Length: 23.5’

Drive Height: 9.3 ft             Width: 8’



Our limited access drill is capable of access to many sites that a truck mounted drill rig just can not fit. The beaver is able to access rear yards with as little as a 28-inch gatte. The beaver can drill with 4-inch flight auger or 8-inch hollow stem auger. The beaver is equipped with a cathead allowing for sampling with a 140-pound hammer.

Roll Width: 2.4 ft            Work Width: 6 ft

Roll Height: 4.1 ft            Work Height: 12.5 ft